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12 Steps Treatment - Step 10

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

Step 10 begins the "maintenance" steps. Anyone who has been on a diet knows that losing the weight is a challenge, but not nearly as big a challenge as keeping it off is. Step 10 begins life-long practices that are meant to help us avoid complacency or falling back into old behavior and thinking patterns that could lead to using alcohol or drugs again.

Taking a personal inventory on a daily basis enables us to catch ourselves right away, rather than rebuild a negative pattern until it becomes a way of life again.

I used to think it was shameful to admit I was wrong. I discovered that the humility necessary for admitting a mistake was anything but shameful. It was freedom, pure and simple. I was free to be fallible, and not have to torture myself over it. I no longer had to wonder when everyone was going to figure out what a fraud I was. The interesting thing is, that being so willing to admit when you are wrong really throws other people off. It seems it is such a rare characteristic, that people find it refreshing and it really diffuses even the toughest of situations." Mark N.

Step 10 does not require constant "mea culpas" or beating of the chest about how terrible you are. It is simply a way to keep life simple, without seething resentments or tensions over petty arguments and misunderstandings. It is not a step meant to allow you to beat yourself up all the time over how "bad" you are--it is a step that allows us the freedom to take responsibility for our actions on a daily business, and own up to our mistakes quickly and without fanfare. It gives us the freedom of a clear conscious, and a sense that we are living a good life with good intentions toward others.