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12 Steps Treatment - Step 6

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character

This almost feels like an "extra" step, but it makes sense in the overall pattern of the steps of recovery. Before we turn our lives over to a higher power, we "come to believe" in that higher power. Before we give up our defects of character, we become "entirely ready" to have God remove these defects. You will notice when looking at the steps there is often a "warming up" step to prepare us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to take an action step.

"You know, it never occurred to me that I might "like" my character defects. I was used to being a victim. I was used to being selfish. These behaviors were like a favorite old shirt I kept wearing even when it'd become an eyesore and embarrassment. Frankly, I was addicted to whining and complaining. I was addicted to feeling sorry for myself. I was addicted to blaming other people for my problems. The fifth step took a while for me. I had to test the waters, so to speak. I had to try a few times to see what it was like to face a problem head on without relying on my usual behaviors of guilt, victimization, and blame. It was scary at first, but I could feel a new-found sense of empowerment. I could trust my higher power to give me the tools to deal with life. I didn't have to fall back on those self-defeating behaviors. I was ready to have those defects removed." Janice S.

This might be considered a period of self-reflection. We have recently finished our searching and fearless moral inventory. We are getting honest about OUR role in our problems. We are recognizing life patterns and habits of mind that we know cannot work for us as sober, responsible adults.