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Teen Drug Abuse Resources

PREVLINE (Prevention On-Line)

The world's largest resource for current information and materials concerning alcohol and substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Marijuana: Facts for Teens

What is marijuana and how does it affect the user's everyday life? This colorful brochure answers these questions and many more. Marijuana: Facts for Teens also examines the short- and long-term effects of marijuana use, signs that someone has been using marijuana, ways that marijuana affects driving ability, and possible harm marijuana may do to a person's brain

Tips for Teens About Marijuana

Designed to attract attention and concern, this colorful brochure states the long-term and short-term effects, physical and psychological risks, and legal implications of marijuana use. Teens are advised to stay away from all drugs and encouraged to seek help from a counselor, friend, or parent whenever necessary.

College Drinking Prevention

The site offers a wealth of information for changing the drinking culture on college campuses.

Does Your Friend Have an Alcohol or Other Drug Problem? What Can You Do To Help?

This brochure was developed to assist you in helping a friend who has a problem with alcohol or other drugs. Sometimes, being a good friend means you have to intervene, but before you get involved it is important to understand what is really going on with your friend.

How Getting High Can Get You AIDS

Enlivened with comic book style drawings, this colorful foldout leaflet takes a serious look at why getting high on drugs can cause risky behavior and why AIDS is another way drugs can kill.

Troubled Teens Risk Rapid Dependence on Marijuana

Marijuana use by teenagers who have prior serious antisocial problems can quickly lead to dependence on the drug, according to a recent study by researchers at the Addiction Research and Treatment Service, University of Colorado School of Medicine. The study also found that, for troubled teens using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, the progression from first use of marijuana to regular use was more rapid than the progression to regular use for alcohol and about the same as that for nicotine.

What's Up With Marijuana?

This was written by the Drug Enforcement Agency for teens as part of its Get It Straight! series. They let you know what's up with marijuana, what it's called on the street, a description of how it looks, where it comes from, how it's used, and the legal issues surrounding its use.

You and Your Mental Health...What's the Deal?

Sometimes life can be full of worries and problems: pressures to win, to be liked, to do well in school, to get along with your family, to get over break-ups, and to make important decisions about your life. These and other warning signs could signal a mental health problem. This brochure will tell you more about mental health, how to know when there might be an overwhelming problem, what to do about it, and where to get help.

News, research, and facts about club drugs like MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, Rohypnol, ketamine, methamphetamine, and LSD. A service of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Planet Know is a web site designed for teens which deliver's the message that using drugs isn't cool. The site is loaded with interactive features such as "Create Your Own Web page," Virtual Brain, and Celebrity Trivia Quiz.


Brought to you by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, Freevibe is a drug education Web site created just for teens. Freevibe encourages teens to understand the real and serious consequences of drug use. It includes lifestyle tips, entertainment news, radio stations, cool facts, and links to other sites.

Straight Scoop News Bureau

The goal of Straight Scoop is to provide student journalists with information about the realities of drugs and drug abuse. Find out how to disseminate that information to your peers through the medium you know best�your school newspaper, webzine, radio station, or television show.

PBS: In The Mix

Your issues. Your interests. Your favorite celebrities. In the Mix, the national award-winning TV series for teens and by teens, brings you all of it...and gets everyone talking. Check out their shows on "Alcohol: What You Don't Know" and "Drug Abuse: Altered States."

A drug prevention program dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth by addressing their interests, needs, and concerns as they relate to drugs.

Homework Helper

B.J. Pinchbeck collects the Web's best links to help you with any subject. Brought to you by Discovery Channel School.

Marijuana Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction.


A searchable nationwide directory of treatment centers that
specialize in the treatment of alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders, and
drug problems.

Rapid Detox

The rapid opiate detox process is generally conducted in a hospital setting and under general anesthesia.

Boarding Schools

Traditional academic and specialized programs for boys and girls are listed by state and region. The directory lists military schools, AD/HD boarding schools, girls only, boys only or co-ed schools, college preparatory high schools with campuses in the United States, Canada, Europe or Asia.